Relationship Management

A complete CRM, ideal for your business, perfect for your team.

Overcome the obstacles and grow!

Your team can provide a better customer experience! See below how our Customer Relationship Management system can help you do this:

Better Segmented Marketing Campaigns

Better organization of prospecting and sales action schedules

Removing bottlenecks in the Sales Funnel

Accuracy in the knowledge of Conversion Rate, Sales Cycle and Forecast data

You can't fire segmented marketing campaigns.

Automation of parts of the process, for greater efficiency

Cannot distinguish and list the degree of maturity of each contact (suspect, prospect and lead)

Accuracy in Sales Management


Provide a good and real experience to your customers, align your team with our CRM platform and develop!

Explore all the features of our CRM below

Below, see all the ways that our CRM can help you, and how it fits in all stages of the customer journey.

Organize your account base

All interactions, including phone calls, notes, e-mails, meetings and requests, are recorded at a single location and accumulated at the account level. Your entire company aligns around a common view of the account, from lead to customer.

Lead Search

Perform a search by keyword, location or establishments to find possible leads.


Segment and filter your leads or customers for more targeted action


Get 360º view of your customers and contacts

Make your day even easier with the MasterCRM marketplace

Mantenha-se conectado às ferramentas que você já usa


Integration of e-mail boxes, e-mail templates, as well as mass sending.One of the best marketing automation platforms.


Use Google Calendar integration to organize your business calendar


Integrate your Outlook email and calendar into MasterCRM

rd station-mastercrm

One of the best marketing automation platforms


Incredible video conferencing and webinar platform associated with your CRM.


TOTVS artificial intelligence platform


Monitor your audience on Instagram directly from MasterCRM


Monitor your audience on Facebook directly from MasterCRM


Make it easy to sign contracts and quotes online


Use one of the largest email marketing platforms


Make calls directly from MasterCRM to TotalVoice


Have the power to capture leads through Landing Pages

PS: Any third party solution, which may be integrated with MasterCRM, inside or outside the MarketPlace, are independent parts of MasterCRM and have their respective contracting, guarantee, support and legal responsibility given exclusively by their manufacturers, with no guarantee of operation or continuity of this integration in the event of strategic change by either party.

CRM integration with ERP

Do you want to integrate yourself with third-party tools?

REST Integration APIs

Send or Export data to CRM

Collect or Import CRM data

Need to integrate CRM with a TOTVS ERP?

Count on the TOTVS CONNECTOR Platform

Rapid Deployment

Low cost of SETUP

3 Support SLA's for you to hire, including 24x7

No TOTVS license required

Need to integrate CRM with another ERP?

Count on the DATA DISCOVERY Platform

Data Integration Platform

DataQuality / DataCleasing

Exponential and highly customized integration capability

Work from anywhere with quality!

Master CRM was developed to work on IOS or Android platforms, whether in online or workshop environments. Work wherever you want!

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